Making Progress

This breathtaking bridge was printed out of lifelong dream of Malcolm’s, ever since he was a child (which was a long time ago) he has wanted this bridge for his slot car track. Even before we bought the CreatBot he had the files to print this amazing beauty, so once we were set up he set about printing it out. This amazing bridge took multiple prints across many hours to print and the end product is astonishingly detailed right down to the tread on the tires and Malcolm is joyful to have achieved a dream he’s always had.

This month we made a decision to buy slicing software,simplify3D, for our CreatBot rather than to continue with the free slicing version we had been using. We are still making adjustments to the settings to attain an optimal print. Simplify3D is already proving to be an excellent program, but it has and will continue to take a whole lot of tweaking to be running at it’s best.

Creating a business from scratch has taken a lot more time than I thought it was going to, when talking to people about 3D printing everyone thinks its ‘COOL’ but turning cool into actual sales, well that was harder than anticipated. This week we have managed to make 2 separate sales (our first) which has been exciting for us.

Owning a 3D printer is an awesome experience when you need something created and here in our home we have started utilising it when we need. One night Malcolm got tired of his FPV gates sitting around the garage so he created these brackets to screw into underneath his slot car track to hold the FPV gates and get them out of the way. Don’t by any means think that because he did this his garage is tidy, it’s not, and I am a little unsure why they bothered him but nothing else did.

We were also offered to place our business cards in an office and printed out this awesome circular business card holder. We wanted something that stood out and also displayed what we could do, so when we found this little beauty we printed it out and it worked well.



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