And then there was filament…

When we ordered our printer at the end of May this year, with it we ordered 3 rolls of PLA filament and 3 spare nozzles for our machine. After 3 months we gave up waiting and ordered 11 rolls of e-sun filament from the Australian distributor and last Monday we received those rolls boxed in a cardboard box that weighed a ton.

Over the course of the last week we have been playing around with that new filament (getting the extruding temperature right and the bed temperature). After finally getting the temperature right and learning how to unblock a nozzle without the help of the right drill bit we are finally happy with the way the new filament now extrudes in both ABS and PLA.

So with how wonderfully beautiful the jobs are turning out Malcolm has embarked on making a childhood dream a reality and is printing out a certain scalextric bridge for his slot car track. He has wanted one since he owned an analogue slot car set (which he still owns but doesn’t use) and now that he owns a digital one he is finally getting his wish. It is yet to be completed but as soon as it is I will post some photos.


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