In the beginning…

Malcolm and I have decided to start a 3D printing business; in fact our official launch was on the 10th of August. I don’t believe that if life hadn’t of gone the way it did for us we would have gone down the road of starting our own business though. It started 2½ years ago when Malcolm fell down a rather deep hole; neither of us expected that such a simple accident would have caused our life to come crashing to a rather painful halt. Within 24hrs of the event we were at the doctors then at the hospital, no one knew what was wrong at right they suspected that it was appendicitis because of the location, he underwent an enormous amount of tests from simple ultrasounds to nerve conductivity test all revealing nothing. He saw a humongous number of doctors and specialists all revealed nothing. He took an impossible amount of painkillers just so that he wasn’t in agonising pain, as his wife I watched my husband in turmoil either asleep from the painkillers or in agonising pain unable to do anything to help

After about 6 months we seeked help down the alternative route, our journey through this minefield has revealed an amazing array of massage therapist, naturopaths and acupuncturists that gave Malcolm enough relief to come off the painkillers and go back to work, but even these treatments had their limitations they were expensive and working the job didn’t help his condition. We would spend around $200 a week just to get Malcolm in a place where he could move and function without medication.

It took about 18 months for a physiotherapist to realise that the fall had actually caused Malcolm’s pelvis to become unaligned and 5 x 1hr sessions at a physiotherapist to put his pelvis back into place. He still had damage to his nerves which would become more of an issue when he was sitting down for extended periods of time, so on the 26th of May Malcolm resigned from his job as IT support for Ergon. With his long service year payout we have decided to start our 3D printing business ‘Exceeding’. We have had the 3D printer for a month and have spent that time getting to know how it works and trying out some cool as well as some practical designs. We have had a lot of fun seeing our ideas come into being and think that you will find it as exciting as we have.

Our CreatBot DX03 in action, doing yet another one of our test prints.
Here we have printed a ‘Hamel_Monohull_Paddle_Boat’ that we found on thingiverse.
This is Malcolm’s homemade FPV gate with his blue 3D printed gate support.

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